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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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so much information, still coming in about the worst shooting in american history coming up, in the next few minutes. >> but first lets turn to sue serio and get a look at weather and traffic as she pulls double duty this morning. >> yes, we do have a decent weather forecast for today and it is not as hot as it was over the weekend. we will go with the ten out of ten to see 48 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-eight in allentown. fifty-nine in trenton. fifty-nine in pottstown. everybody else, wrightstown 58, and 58 in millville, and 58 wilmington. these temperatures have gone down since last hour and they always do just before sunrise and sunrise is pretty early this morning. we have had 15 miles an hour sustained wind in allentown. 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. 3 miles an hour in wilmington. these wind are coming from the northwest out of the northwest, which means a land breeze is if you are at the shore today. we have 20-mile an hour win gustness mount pocono and very
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windy in allentown this morning with 28 miles an hour gusts, it is breeze any wildwood as well, in rain to show you, just cloud cover, especially south of us, and in the state of the delaware. warm, windy day yesterday with a high of 90 degrees. average high is 82, and we will be closer to that today with a high around 80. still breeze which wind gusting to 25 miles an hour, that is your weather authority forecast for monday. we will tell you next chance of rain we have to wait a while for it, it is coming up in your seven day forecast. right now we are checking traffic this monday morning. the our big problem is unfortunately a fatal accident. there is video, it was a motorcycle accident that happened on the blue route on the southbound direction near the media swarthmore exit, and there you can see the remains of that motorcycle just horrific on the blue route this morning. so as a result the blue route is closed southbound and northbound i believe as well, and it looks like northbound
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is getting through this morning but southbound lanes right around that media swarthmore exit are still closed. you have to take baltimore pike as your alternate there. now we will go to that accident in norristown at main street and stan bridge road that will slow you down and that neighborhood this morning, and this morning at i-95 in delaware, it is smooth sailing, this is approaching the airport this morning. volume will be picking up shortly as it does on a monday morning. chris and lauren. this morning the nation mourns the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history continue to unfold. here's what we know about the shooting so far. >> orange county, florida is in a state of emergency following the massacre. gunshots rang out inside pulse nightclub right around last call on saturday night into sunday morning leaving at least 50 people dead and dozens more hurt. hours later swat teams come inside, and they killed the shooter. that gunman was not a stranger
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to the fbi. more details surrounding the issuing ises inside that night club during the shooting are now being revealed. >> and that is in addition to the more on the man responsible including his past and what he did for a living. lets go to dave kinchen now. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. more details coming in about the shooter in what is being called worst mass shooting in american history. federal officials say during the attack the gun man, 29 year-old omar mateen, had called 911 from the shooting scene and pledged allegiance to the leader of ice is. we are told that he mentioned the boston bombings at some point and was learned that he has been under investigation for at least two incidents in the past three years but was ultimately not considered to be a threat. feds becoming aware of the suspect when they say he made inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties but those investigation where is inconclusive. it was also revealed he had a gun license since at least 2011 and appeared to have
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purchased two weapons within the past week and bought them legally. we are learning potentially more from the shooter's ex-wife who alleged that mateen was violent with her. >> in the beginning he was his normal, person that cared about family. but then a few months after we were married i saw a bully. i saw he was bipolar and would get mad out of no where. that is when i started war big my safety and after a few months he started hitting me physically and not allowing me to speak to my family. he kept my hostage from them. >> reporter: as for the investigation itself, the fbi is looking into other alleged issues into mateen. investigators say he did not have a criminal record and he was also working as a security guard since 2007 when investigators were tipped off to the comments that sparked the federal investigation. meantime, he died in the
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shoot-out with 11 police officers and we also know that the names of the victims are starting to be steadily released as more family members are notified that their loved ones were lost in this horrific situation. >> he didn't have a criminal record but fbi investigated him twice, both in 203, 2014. >> reporter: big questions there and those are answers we really want to get and hopefully we will start to get them today and in the next few days. >> dave, thank you. as nation continues to mourn many people paying tribute to those who lost their lives or were hurt in that shooting. >> fox 29's chris o'connell was in orlando as he spoke with the man inside the pulse nightclub when the shooting started. >> reporter: i'm here with ivory mcneil, who was actually in the pulse nightclub last night. can you -- first of all, thank you for joining us, first of all. can you tell us what you went through last night when you walk into that club. >> just not knowing what is going on like it was crazy there, was panic every where, blood every where, people every where, like no one knew
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severity of what was going on. we heard gunshots and we just tried to stay hidden, run or get out like in one knew that this was as big as it was. >> reporter: did you know it was a shooting what did it sound like. >> we knew it was, me and my friend ran instantly, we knew. >> you saw people get shot. >> yes. >> we saw people fall to the ground. we knew, but we didn't necessity how intense it was. >> reporter: were you in there for quite sometime afterward can you describe that scene. >> i was alone when i hid, i was alone. i had to deal were not knowing when to leave, i had to like mark that on my own. when it stopped, bullets stopped i thought i could come out until they restarted again. i didn't know where the cops were. i didn't know where my friend were. i was alone. >> reporter: how do you put this in perspective as in the just an attack but an attack on the lb gt community.
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>> it is crazy because we don't know where we go from here. again, that club was ours. it was a place we go to have fun with our friends and no one wants to do that right now n1 wants to go out. no one -- how do we connect with our friend. what do we do. they took a piece of our community away from frustrates. >> father of the 29 year-old omar mateen is speaking for the first time since the attack. he is condemning the actions of his son, while saying he is praying for those wounded and for families of the deceased. >> i pray for them that they get healthy, soon, that they get peace soon and get well soon and that my real deep sense and sincere message is to those families who lost their loved one i'm with them. i do not approve of any kind of violence in any shape or
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form. >> mateen says that he has no idea why his son would do anything like this he also says that he plans to make a trip to orlando so he can visit with those recovering in the hospital. >> we have learn that the shooter was previously married to a woman from new jersey, several years ago, chasing news caught up with one of her family members in edison. >> unaudible. >> i can't say anything good or bad, last time i think even she saw him was like, years ago, five or six years ago. >> how is she doing. >> she's all right. she has a fiance. she's getting married. >> little hard to hear with the audio quality there but we understand that the ex-wife, that he was talking about, talked about omar mateen being very physically abusive and she call him bipolar. the chasing news report shore did that interview told us that the family is really
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rattled. >> he was very short with his words and he was kind enough to answer but at the same time he said that the family is said to be out in colorado now in boulder. he just said that the family they are rattled. they have never been through something like this before. a ton of print reporters outside, blind shut, on the house, it almost looks like nobody is home except for the two cars in the driveway. >> you can watch chasing newsweek days at midnight right here on fox 29. >> increased police presence throughout philadelphia in response to the mass shooting, authorities say security measures are precautionary, in threats have been made. fox 29's steve keeley is live from city hall in philadelphia with what we can expect, steve. >> reporter: i never understand when there is no visible credible mets. the 9/11 highjackers didn't say we are coming to place with bomb you. boston marathon bombers didn't alert the runners before the race. and this guy, the other day, did not tell everybody going
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to that club hey i'm coming with guns. that is the sill yes, sir thing i have ever heard report all the time after one of these events. meantime, today's breezy day, highlights within of the gestures governor wolf ordered all around the state. you see it all around today. because it is breezy you can see the american flag and every other flag ordered halfway up the mast there and every where around pennsylvania in honor of the dead in orlando. police called it increasing their awareness and presence yesterday. it made people celebrating around center city feel a whole lot more secure they told us while serving as a detenth. >> we have called in our entire security staff and we are checking bags at the doors, patting people down. it is something that we don't normally want to do but in a case like this, you know, better safe than sorry.
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>> we have to be realistic. it is the world we live in nowadays. and until we get these guns off the street we're going to continue to have it and it will just get worse. >> mayor kenney is very much concerned over the issue. >> unaudible. >> reporter: while yesterday's pride event and parade are long gone, now, the police presence, and heightened awareness in the lb gt community is certainly not going to go away at all, maybe ever. we will end with a kind thought, why we had all that hatred shown in orlando here in philadelphia, proudly showing love, both in the statue and among the people, chris and lauren. >> that is right, we are sending our love down to orlando, florida. we will stay on to have on this breaking story. any details will go on our show or on our web site at fox
5:12 am still ahead rising young star gone too soon, south jersey native targeted by a stranger. how her hometown honored life of their talented singer. we will follow latest out of orlando how a member of our own fox 29 family is doing after being injured inside that night club. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
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brookside. talk about delicious.
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top local stories, high speed car chase leaves one man dead in bustleton. >> police are investigating
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whether drugs and alcohol played a role in this. this was the scene around 4:30. witnesses say driver was all over the road ran several red lights and hit some trees and a brick wall. traffic is detoured right now. police in new castle county investigating shooting of two men, this is fresco video, on video that someone shot and sent to us. when authorities arrived on the scene they found two, 18 year-old suffering from gunshot wound. both men have been taken to the christiana medical center. crews called out to a fire in pennsauken, new jersey. flames broke out in a home along hill crest avenue just after 12:30. no injuries were reported. the causes being investigated. lets turn things over to sue serio for our monday morning forecast. >> yes, it is a good forecast as we look at the weekend. we had 90's both days of the week bind we are not in danger of a heat wave because today will be a smidge below average. the 82-degree normal average, we're expecting 80 today and
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right on the money by tuesday of next week. so things will be cooling down. it was warmer then expect over the weekend, and new we have 63 degrees in philadelphia. forty-eight in mount pocono. fifty-eight in allentown. also in the 50's in wilmington and millville, wrightstown, trenton this morning. 60 degrees in lancaster. sixty-three in dover. what makes it feel cooler are the wind, that are moving in out of the northwest, 9 miles an hour in the city, 15 miles an hour in allentown and in atlantic city those are sustained winds this morning. the just a little bit of cloud cover to the south of us and out to the west of us, it will be a mix of sun and clouds at least to start today but plenty of sunshine and dry weather this area have of rain that you see up around great lakes not expected to affect us until probably thursday. looking at the future cast we will see plenty of room for sunshine maybe a few clouds on tuesday, and now this particular computer model brings us a little bit of rain in on wednesday morning, and it looks like a little unsettled but probably won't
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rain on wednesday, likelihood is it will come in on thursday, with a warm front, so, for today, we have sunny, conditions, it will be nice in center city around 80 degrees but land breeze down the shore and 75 and in the poconos mountains pretty wind which gusts maybe 30 miles an hour in the poconos and 67 degrees. eighty today. eighty-six on wednesday. is there your chance of rain on thursday and friday we may start with rain, we will work on that for our good day drives you on friday morning and then sunshine in the afternoon and so far it looks fabulous for the weekend. that is your seven day forecast and hopefully keep that going, the weekend party in way. unfortunately there is horrible accident, fatal accident, motorcycle accident on the blue route this morning. the it happened southbound near media swarthmore exit and blue route is still closed. near baltimore pike is your alternate there. so again that is the southbound blue route is closed right there at media
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swarthmore exit and you can see there is a big backup as everybody is forced to get off right there. while the investigation of that accident continues. accident to tell you about, two vehicles involved, lanes are block at byberry road at davisville road so we will keep you updated on that. in norristown we have had an accident main street at stanbridge, still slowing you down in the neighborhood this morning. chris and lauren. >> sue serio, thanks very much. 5:18. separate act of violence in orlando has taken life of the cristina grimmie, the voice finally was remembered at her medford church yesterday. >> ♪ >> grimmie's voice filled the chap until medford. she had been there before she moved to los angeles to sing her career. man shot and killed the 22-year old friday night in orlando as she signed autographs at a venue.
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pastor spoke about grimmie's death. >> unaudible. >> pastor will join us later on good day with more on the tragedy. as for that shooter, 27 year-old kevin loibl killed her and did not appear to know her personally. he shot and killed himself at the scene. we are following a developing story out of orlando this morning where 50 people were killed in the nightclub shooting and this morning we are sending our thoughts and pray tours our very own patients carter who was inside that night club when the shots rang out. patients, one of our interns, gunman shot her in her leg. a friend is also injury. her family tells us both are in stable condition, of course, we're grateful to hear recovering and in good hand with doctors down in orlando. we will look forward to her having a speedy recovery and returning home to fill. president obama says although it is still early in the investigation we know this
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was an act of terror and act of hate. he also says that this attack was not only against the lgbt community. >> so thinks a sobering reminder that an attack on any americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. on the fundamental values of the quality and dignity that define us as a country. no act of hate or terror will ever change who we are, or the values that make us, americans. >> the victims of the attack the president has ordered all flags, flown at half staff until sunset thursday. presumptive presidential nominees for both parties took to twitter after the attack. democrat hillary clinton tweeted quote woke up to hear devastating news from florida. as we wait the for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act. donald trump tweeted judge
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us before 1:00, quota appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats, i want toughness and vigilance. we must be smart. 5:21. still ahead a local apartment building up in flames, smoke scene for blocks but a number of people who are now left without a home. in the middle of the tragedy in orlando is there one piece of good news, what he saw as he stormed in the nightclub to get to survivors. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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happening today, closing arguments expected to be beginning in federal corruption trial of the u.s. representative chaka fattah, and four co-defendants. the 11 term philadelphia demies accused of taking an illegal, one million-dollar campaign loan from a friend to help pay for his failed mayoral bid. prosecutors say that he also used federal grants to non-profit fund to even rich his family and friend. trial has been underway for about a month. fattah's sonnies also serving five-year prison term in a related case. one hundred people out of their homes after a massive
5:25 am
apartment fire rips through a complex in west philadelphia officials rushed to the netherland apartments at the 4300 block of chestnut street, just before 5:00 a.m. sunday morning. complex made up of six buildings, each four stories tall, that fire grew to three alarms and took over 100 fire fighters to get it under control. it is unclear when people will be allowed back inside that building. >> i seen smoke and my first concern is the people that are living there, i hope that everybody got the out. >> my mom pack all of the luggage in case the fire came over here to our house somehow. >> investigators say that the fire started on the top floor sparking a partial roof collapse. it is unclear when people will be allowed back inside and the causes still under investigation. different kind of fire here a wild fire burning through a state for necessary south jersey, fox 29 viewer sent thus video from the read near brendan byrne burn state forest. it burned 350 acres so far
5:26 am
near burlington ocean county line. here's the picture from the new jersey department of environmental protection, high wind, and high heat are making the battle against this fire that much more difficult. route 72 is closed atwood land township where that fire is burning. we will keep an eye on that. still ahead feeling impact at home in the wake of the mass shootingness orlando yesterday morning. security measures being taken here to make sure that we stay safe. as we head to break we will like to remember the victims identified this that orlando nightclub massacre.
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this morning a search for answers in the deadliest mass shooting ever on u.s. soil. what we're learning about the suspect gunman. >> i had to show i am part of this family and this family is me. >> increased police presence throughout the city and for pride day celebrations and how some are turning fear into celebration. in the middle of the tragedy in orlando is there one piece of good news, what saved a police officers life as he storm in the nightclub to get to survivors. good day it is monday june . >> we have a reporter in orlando on stand by and we will get to her in a minute but first lets turn to the weather at 5:30, back to school for a lot of people in the delaware valley on this monday. >> philly public schools last day for thursday is not until a week from tomorrow, tuesday the 22nd, week from wednesday i guess it is. so school is still in session for some kids. we have a breezy start. we have long sleeves on bus
5:31 am
stop buddy because of that and the temperatures that are in the 50's and 60's. we are giving you a ten out of ten in weather by the numbers. things are more comfortable then they were when we got in the 90's both days of the weekend. we have been off to a cool start. sixty-one in reading. forty-eight in mount pocono. fifty in hazel ton. in washington township 63. in ocean city 63 as well. lewis, delaware starting off at 66 this morning. the just a little bit of cloud cover around this morning. in rain to show you. we don't expect it until mid to late week. this is the last monday, of summer, the season changes a week from today, with the time that will be an hour from now 6:34. we have seven more days of spring. the it will feel springy with the breeze and 80 degrees and low humidity because of the northwesterly wind 60 degrees overnight tonight and that is your weather authority forecast for monday. it is 5:31.
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bob kelly is off. we will check traffic this morning and that accident investigation from earlier continues but on the shoulder of the blue route so blue route is now opened in both directions and the backup that we were starting to see has dissipated this morning. new we are anticipating some volume as we get into the rest of the week. what are we go to go next? the accident in norristown this morning starting off with oh, yeah byberry road and davis road, around southampton area lane blockage reported there and we head into main street at stanbridge road in norristown still that accident slowing you down this morning. so, that is what is going on, on your monday, chris and lauer than. >> thanks very much, sue. 5:32 this morning the nation warns as the events surrounding the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history
5:33 am
continues to unfold. here's what we know about the shooting. >> orange county florida is in the state of emergency following that massacre. gunshots rang out in the pulse nightclub right around last call on saturday night leaving at least 50 people dead, and dozens more were hurt. hours later swat teams, run inside, rescuing people and they were able to kill the shooter. that gunman pictured right there not a stranger to the fbi. we are continuing to follow latest developments in that mass shooting. overnight officials began to remove bodies of the 50 people who were inside that night club when they were killed. dave kinchen is now looking deeper into the investigation, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are beginning to learn even more about the shooter, even in the initial stages of this investigation, federal officials say that during the attack the gun man 29 year-old omar mateen had called 911 from the shooting scene and pledged allegiance to the leader of ice is. we are told he also mentioned the boston bombings. we have learned that he has been under investigation for at least two incidents in the
5:34 am
past three years but ultimately was not considered to be a threat. feds first becoming aware when the suspect apparently allegedly made inflammatory comments to co-workers alleging possible terrorist ties but those investigation where is inconclusive. it was also revealed that he had a gun license since at least 2011, and appears to have purchased two weapons in the past week and then bought them will le. police say his attack was organize and well prepare. >> bang, bang. >> unaudible. >> we heard screaming. the there was blood splattering. i didn't know if it was minor somebody else's. when i got out i realized it wasn't mine, it was somebody elses. just people in the streets that were shot, laying down. >> reporter: so many chilling account just like that one.
5:35 am
the despite fbi looking into omar mateen several times investigators say he did not have a criminal rorrer. we know he was working as a security guard since at least 2007 when investigators were tipped off to the comments that sparked the federal investigation. he tied in the shoot-out with 11 police officers. names of the victims are steadily being released as more family members are notified that their loved ones were lost in this horrifying massacre, lauer than. >> thanks very much, dave. extra police presence throughout philadelphia, and for pride day celebrations, authorities say that there have not been threats in the security measures are precautionary. >> and officers in uniform and under cover patrolling the area such as here along 13th street last night. after yesterday's parade and festival lb gt nightclubs and bars did not take any chances, hot spot such as woody's, and other bars are stepping up their own security measures and adding bouncers, conducting pat downs and searches on everyone who enter. >> we have called in our
5:36 am
entire security staff and even some people that used to work for us and we are checking bags at the door and patting down people. >> i'm just so surprised. i'm part of this family. this family is me. i will in the stop supporting us, no matter what. >> no incidents thankfully reported. in new jersey officials say they are in the planning any extra security measures in the state but reminding residents to report any suspicious activity. in california police arrested a heavily armed man that had driven from indiana to santa monica and headed to west hollywood's gay pride parade. these are pictures of that man's car. police say it was full of explosives and weapons. they have arrested 20 year-old james wesley howell, saying only he wanted to harm the gay pride event. of course, developing, developments still coming to light and for very latest just go to our web site at fox 5:36 is the time. still ahead the stanley cup comes back to pennsylvania.
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but not the team we wanted to win the cub though, right. big honor for captain sidney crosby.
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies are are one of those awful losing streaks. that is what they are doing, they are awful. it is looking like the last couple of years. it was like that again against washington. phillies came out flat and then nationals made them pay.
5:40 am
bottom of the second, danny smashes one to center. that gave nationals a three to nothing lead but still, phillies come back. jonathan papelbon is awful for against his old team. miguel franco, hit one of his pitches in the bottom of the ninth and gave phillies a four-three lead. phillies being phillies could not pull it off, bases loaded jason worth with the game winning single. nationals win five-four sweeping the weekend series with the phillies. duke's brandon ingram, will work out for sixth tours day. today sixers seem to be leaning toward ben simmons but ingram will get a chance to change their mind and become overall number one draft pick. the that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> okay. let's turn to hockey. the penguins win the stanley cup. >> with a three-one win over the sharks in san jose in game six. they finish up the series. fourth time they have won a cup as a franchise but never at home.
5:41 am
sidney crosby was named mvp, second stanley cup for penguins in the 11 years he has been with the team. >> good for them. >> it is good. well, here's the thing, the other pennsylvania team in the nhl, right. >> that is right, let's share in their excitement. >> it is like mets/yankees. you can't be a fan of both teams. >> now you can. >> all right. after the break we will go live to orlando, florida we will take you to the scene of the deadly nightclub shooting, latest on the investigation and, of course, the victims.
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this morning investigators continue to look into sunday's deadly mass shooting at an orlando nightclub. death toll stand at 50 people killed, 53 others were wounded. >> fbi now says that the gunman 29 year-old omar mateen, who was eventually killed by police pledged allegiance to isis. fox's caroline shyly is joining us live with the latest developments. you're on the scene but we are understand you are kept a couple blocks away from the pulse nightclub. >> reporter: yes, police tape behind us, some of the police vehicles and vans. they have pushed us back about two blocks from the nightclub where this all happened.
5:45 am
it is 2:00 a.m. yesterday that it was happened. this was the street that patrons were running for their lives. the both said on on on social media get out and keep running for your life. that is what people did here helping follow action long the way, ripping their shirts off, plugging bullet holes, making makeshift tourniquets just getting out of there before police could arrive and take down the gun man after a three hour standoff. we have been pushed back while the investigation continues. >> caroline, are we able to see any family members waiting around that scene, anyone there gathered that is sort of, make going a memorial, is there a vigil. >> reporter: they really cannot get too close here. police are telling them and medical staff, a place in downtown orlando where they can get information about their loved ones. one of the terrible parts of the shooting is many people don't necessity if their loved ones are dead or alive. police have given out 21 names of the 50 people, who were killed, others injured, and
5:46 am
you may not know that name either. in many cases loved ones of these people were getting information by tweet, text messages. so he is coming for us, call police. get us in this. there are mothers, friend, family that don't necessity that their loved ones are among the dead. >> one of the most erie things about that is investigators have said that the cell phones have been going off in the pants pockets and purses of the victims lying deadline side the night club of the family members and friend trying to reach their loved ones, to see if they are alive. >> reporter: many of the vigil all over orlando last night people just wanting to get together, to try to get some information to pray, to talk to one another, and just to talk to the people here in central florida, it is, a amazing to them the outpouring of strength, love, vigils that are going on across cities all across the united states.
5:47 am
they really do need help here, but they are coming together you saw lines around red cross and blood banks, thousands of people coming out to give blood and give help to those people just trying to put the city back together again and get answers, why? what happened? how did the gun man not stop this. >> and his own father has that same question. thanks very much for that update. we just saw a live picture from new york, caroline, thank you. the whole country is mourning this. >> of course. >> and in the philadelphia daily news head line is the pulse of our nation. you work there for orlando and the name pulse has special significance because of that place, itself. >> that is right. >> bit of history. >> the club was opened by a gay man who passed away from aid. his sister said we will not let him die in vein. his pulse is still beating. he is still alive. so she opened up that night club for a place and for
5:48 am
people and wherever one was, it was empowering for all people. i had friends on facebook who i knew and that, you know, in orlando who says this was one city i lived in where i felt comfortable coming out. you could go to pulse. you could be your self. sometimes that is a very hard transition, and so i think that is what makes it even tougher. we have heard from these people that this is a place where i could go be myself and i didn't have to worry about anything, until saturday night into sunday morning when this happened. >> and, we will check in with him in the next hour but he talk to one of the people inside pulse saying the same thing. now where do we turn as a gay community because that is where we all gathered? so much more to come on the fox 29, we do want to get you out the door with weather and traffic and sue, good morning to you. >> getting ready, ready for this workweek. and, take temperatures, down, and that we had over the
5:49 am
weekend, and, we're in between the high and the cold front, and the breezes are still with us, and won't be quite as windy as yesterday but we will sea breezees gusting up to 25 miles an hour. 63 degrees in philadelphia 58 in wilmington and millville and 48 degrees up in mount pocono. winds are out of the northwest, that is trier air moving in, wilt take away humidity we had over the weekend and give us a pretty comfortable day. there you can see the clouds with us right now and a mix of sunshine, and we also have this rain, but we probably won't see anything from that system, until probably wednesday night, maybe into thursday. now there is a slight chance of a little shower maybe wednesday morning but i think it is more likely wednesday into thursday that we will start to see some rain. lets get right to the seven day forecast and show you what we have. eighty today. eighty-two tomorrow. lovely seasonal days, increasing cloud, on wednesday, thursday is when we have cloud and showers in the
5:50 am
forecast, friday and we will start off with clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two abe then coolest day of the week should be friday where we're back in the lower 80's on friday and saturday. that is your seven day forecast. checking traffic this morning, something to tell but in new jersey, pretty major roadway we're talking about route 55 southbound between 553 and little mill road. this is where we have a road closure because all lanes were blocked as they invest faith a crash where somebody was apparently thrown out of the car there helicopters in route and we will keep an eye on that situation but avoid that part of the route 55 southbound this morning. kind of the in the glassboro area we understand. the blue route has been cleared after an earlier accident with a motorcycle. that investigation is still continuing on the shoulder of the road but everybody is moving fine on the blue route this morning. i-95 at cottman have avenue traffic starting to build up on this monday morning heading into the city, chris and
5:51 am
lauren. >> thanks very much, sue. a high speed car chase leaves one man dead in bustleton. >> police are investigating whether drugs and alcohol may have played a role this is the scene at bustleton avenue 4:59:30. witnesses say that driver was swerving all over the road, ran several red lights, and hit some trees and then, hit a brick wall. traffic is being detoured right now. officers in new castle county investigating the shooting of two men overnight, this was fresco video in newark on findings way in newark. when authorities arrived on the scene, they say they found two, 18 year-old suffering from gunshot wound. both men have have been taken to christiana medical center. crews called out to a fire overnight in pennsauken new jersey. flames broke out in the home on philcrest avenue just after 12:30. no injuries were reported abe cause under investigation. 5:51. in the wake of what has unfolded in orlando emotions have been mixed here in philadelphia among those celebrating pride day, tens of thousands headed to center city in olde city for the event. the parade rolled down market
5:52 am
street despite heavy hearts yesterday after the news of those orlando shootings. philadelphia's director of the lb gt affairs says that this years parade may have been a record turnout, so beating last years crowd of 30,000 people. >> it is a very heavy, complicated day. as you can see folks are gathered and celebrating and being out and proud and visible and that is so critically important but on the other hand grab welling what that can really mean and consequences that can happen. >> a candle light vigil for victims of the massacre is being held it in at 6:30 autophil -- philadelphia city hall. what saved a police officers life as he stormed inside that night club as he had to get to survivors.
5:53 am
5:54 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
5:55 am
that is the flag at sixth and market in olde city, philadelphia. all flags are ordered by president obama to be flown at half staff, through thursday, of course, in honor of the
5:56 am
victims of the mass shooting in orlando yesterday morning and carnage in orlando this was a bit of luck. a police offices was shot in the head and swat officers stormed into the nightclub. bullets went flying as the officer got into a confrontation and shoot-out, with the attacker. the officer's helmet, stopped the bullet and saved the life of that officer. the orlando police department posted this picture on their twitter account and it has been shared thousands of times. remember, find all of the breaking details about the the shooting on our web site at fox next up on good day all eyes honor land owe after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history killed at least 50 people were the gun man was in stranger to the fbi. feeling impact here at home security measures being taken here to make sure we remain safe. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:57 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
5:58 am
now it's your turn to make the switch.
5:59 am
we want to remember them. we want to acknowledge them. we want never to forget them and never forget what happened on this really, terrible morning. >> prayers in orlando and around the world for those killed, and those still unaccounted for, in that
6:00 am
terror attack at a nightclub in orlando over the weekend. plus tighter security in philadelphia, after the orlando attack, major impact the tragedy in florida haddon pride events in our area. it is monday, june 13th, pretty tough day in our country, 2016. >> so of course we have been covering what happened in orlando and on a personal note we are end ising our thoughts and prayers to our own patients carter in it or land owe nightclub with the shooting. patients is one of our interns. gunman shot her in the leg. the her friend is also injured. patients family tells us that they are both are in stable condition. >> we love her. she's so great. more on that in a bit. we are so grateful to hear they both are recovering, and they are in good hand. we look forward to a speedy recovery for patients and we will welcome her with open arms when she comes back to us in philadelphia to fox. >> so many people are recovering, this morning from what happened. here's what we know so


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